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  • Hey y'all,
    At last week's H.A.C.K. launch, the fact that there was no central non-facebooky calendar for art events in our community. This is something we have tried to be at g-rad several times over the last couple of years but it never really worked out. People just stopped adding events. I have a few theories as to why, but after that meeting it was clear to me that there was once again some interest in such a thing.

    Friends, I present to you, the all new RADiCAL:

    More obviously art-focused and as simple as possible. The events are reduced to their simplest form. No facebook integration, no mapping hullabaloo. Just what the event is, a link to more information, and some really basic other information.

    It is also essentially a wiki, meaning anyone can add, edit, or delete any event.

    I am working on ways to integrate this calendar into other Grand Rapids arts-focused sites via plugins and widgets.

    Try it out and let me know what you think. Feedback is much appreciated!

    To do:
    add event count
    tighten form submit redirects
    wordpress widget
    html widget
    Refine mobile style (looks ok on a phone, not perfect though)

    Shout out:
    the basic idea of this reworked RADiCAL is a blatant rip off of the awesome
  • It looks good. I like it because it's so stripped down.

    The interface is easy to use, too. Only thing I can think of is what if an event doesn't have a website attached to it? Right now the link is required.
  • I thought about that a little - but, can you give me an example of an event that doesn't have a link that goes along with it? these days even the most intimate of dinner parties seem to have a facebook event in the very least.

    Thanks for the feedback, buck!
  • Update:
    The wordpress plug in is more or less complete, but not quite ready to ship. Implemented on the front page:

    thanks to henryfarbles, jdawe, @matthew, and trannie for the assist!
  • You building this on Drupal?
  • Ooh! I like the cal on the front page. Solid!
  • @insub2 yep - drupal 7. And then I made a fairly intense wordpress widget if anyone using self-installed wordpress would like a Grand Rapids arts calendar... I was able to modify the feed so that it was workable using the bilt in rss reader as seen on

    @buckshot thanks! that took too long to figure out!

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