Is there a Maker community in GR?
  • Is there a maker community in GR to tap into? We have a course in the Art Department at GVSU called Interactive Studio that is based around using a program called MAX in screen-based, object and spatial constructions. The MAX environment offers lots of pre-built modules that allow users to employ powerful programming through a well organized graphical interface. The course also incorporates using ARDUINO boards and various inputs/outputs image, video, sound. . .
    Who is into this stuff in GR? We're especially interested in students already at GVSU (in any departments) or those interested in the course.

    The course is Art 394 Interactive Studio (CRN 18021). Offered in Fall Semester TTH 11-1:50pm. It is part of the Visual Studies program. Great for artists, musicians, dancers, creative programmers, coders, designers.
  • Thought I'd share this here. It looks pretty cool.

    OpenBeam - An open source miniature construction system -
  • I am looking at starting a hacking group, I think I might have a space we could do it in too. I do a lot of arduino/processing/openFrameworks and have messed with max (more pure data though) hit me up at lukasz[a]
  • @lukasz! whoa, nice to meet you! I have toyed around with arduino - but i would really like to do more! cc: @pichot
  • @lukasz That would be awesome! Where would this space be?
  • I have a friend that owns a art gallery, I am going to talk to her about seeing if we can't use the space. otherwise my work has a spot on commerce in downtown we could probably use at night.
  • @George right on man. you should come down sometime if we get it rolling. I am still a newb at arduino, but I have gotten some cool stuff working like motion sensors/proximity sensors and hooked them up to things like processing. its really fun.

  • p.s. we will be doing lots of fun things like hacking kinects and such. got this working not long ago: :)
  • get a hold of me, I am getting things organized and need to see how many people are interested.

    got a site rockin: check it out. getting people organized.
  • I've been talking to some friends about how rad Noisebridge is. We looked up on the site. NEST is defunct but...
    Has any review/contact been made with the Geek Group?
  • I went down to the Geek Group site on Leonard and it does seem to be a legit organization. They have a huge space over there but it seems to be a little disorganized. I did get a demo of their 30' Tesla coils which was awesome. They are in the process of opening this up to the public but right now the space is for members only. I got the impression there were about 100 or so active/on-site members that use the place at any given time.

    The bad part was they didn't have any kind of events planned. It was just a space to go work and they have a lot of the tools there for you to use and learn with on your own. I think this would be very cool if they had an electronics hacking event were they showed off their projects and got members involved.

    If anyone does decide they to setup a hacker space let me know. I would like to get involved with this as well. Interested in electronics, computers and wood working.

    cweatherford @ gmail .com
  • I am interested in getting involved at a certain level - but my interest has waned a little over the years (filled with other projects) - that said we could use my print shop as a meeting place if anyone was interested.
  • The Factory does offer a decent workspace, granted there is a charge but they do have beer:30 and a lot of people who may be knowledgeable about all of that lingo and programs that I don't understand.
  • YES! there is a maker community in Grand Rapids. It is called GRMakers and we currently have social gatherings every wednesday from 6p to midnight or later. You are welcome to come and go as you please, during the event. At 9pm we do a 5 minutes of fame type of event, like NoiseBridge does. 6 people talk for 5 minutes each about anything they want - doesn't have to specifically be geek or technology related. Some of the talks get recorded and put up on our Youtube.

    We have a few (3-5) members with 3D Printers. We are working on building out our permanent space, but we have a temporary space on the 4th floor of 401 Hall, down the hall from Mutually Human. Our permanent spaces will be on the 1st floor and out back, in an outbuilding, at 401 Hall, SW.

    Socials are free. They are community funded, with people bringing snacks and drinks. Wifi is provided, for free, thanks to Mutually Human, our sponsor.

    Website: with a blog at which gets updated biweekly with videos from the previous week's What's Goin On?? and the social announcement.

    We also have a Meetup, Facebook, twitter, and Google Group.

    We currently have capabilities for electronics hacking and computers. We morphed from the local Linux Users Group, but we do welcome all OS's. We currently have members who do use arduinos and Raspberry Pi's in their projects. Once our outbuilding is complete, we will have a CNC mill, wood working tools, and other loud noisy machinery.

    Any questions can be directed to myself, or the facebook/google group.

    Hope to see some of you guys, at some point.
  • man - i have i really been planning to come down. hopefully i can soon!
  • Nice to get an updated reply to this old discussion post.

    I forwarded this information to the Visual Studies forum at GVSU. Visual Studies includes studio courses that focus on applying new technologies to visual art practice. One of our courses, Interactive studio gets deep into max and the use of arduino. Some great projects are coming out of that course. Also, we've long been into 3d work as well and have both scanning and 3d printing.

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