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  • Hello!

    We have exchange students from Spain (ages 14-18) who are arriving in Grand Rapids for a 6 week language immersion program. Problem is, we have yet to find homes for six of them!!!!

    If you guys know ANYONE that might be interested, please have them send me an email. They have a full itinerary of things to do, they just need room/board (and I imagine even a number of their meals are going to be taken care of too...)

    I know its been years since i've posted here...

    james.voges *AT* gmail *dot* com
  • I asked around to my best bets on this with no results - what about a college dorm? They are unoccupied in the summer time?
  • college dorm would be nice, but they are teenagers and need guidance/supervision.... plus meals. I don't know anything about the program actually, I only deal with the full year study abroad.... so if someone things 6 weeks is too short, let me know ;)

    thanks for asking around George

    Its time for school to start, and now we still have a TON of students unplaced. I have some awesome S. Korean students that really need a home, the Korean agent is freaking out right now because 6 of his students still need to find homes in the next two weeks. ANyone know someone that might be a temporary home? 2 month commitment? james.voges +at+ gmail -dott- com if you know anyone that might be able to help me out...


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