What's up with Viget?
  • Is there still active development?

    It looks like the only people willing to put up with the first-draft UX is someone with a strong opinion about the Plafkin Brothers.

    (Is there any way to read Plafkin Brothers-McDonalds, Home of the Famous "Nazi Burger"?? I'm super curious.)
  • it's funny you should mention that as i just finally got a workflow for editing the style last night at the monthly friendly code meetup. So far we have only found one other localwiki that has altered their base theme and even not that significantly (http://maketylerweird.com/)

    Do you have any specific feedback about the current theme / what you would like to see in a future one?
  • My biggest gripe is that I can't change my password. There is no "settings" page.
  • You change your password by going to http://viget.org/Users/password/reset/

    You can also get there by going to the Login page, then clicking on the "Forgot my password" link.

    In either case, an email will be sent to the email address you specify with a link and instructions for setting a new password.

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