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From MSNBC: “Ripping the legs off live crabs and crowding lobsters into seafood market tanks are just two of the many practices that may warrant reassessment, given two new studies that indicate crustaceans feel pain and stress.” Couldn’t have said it any better, Jennifer!

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Palin’s Alaska


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Excellent documentary about climate change, world hunger, creation care, and non-human animals, all from a Jewish perspective. Also check out the review by The Humane Society Animals and Religion here.

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Bidders, ready….

With the Wake Up Weekend Art Auction just one day away, we thought you might enjoy perusing a few sample images and a (semi) complete list of our esteemed contributors. (Please note that we have posted these images merely to give you a sense of the style of some of our artists’ work; the images [...]

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We had so much fun hanging out and eating on Thanksgiving that I’ll start with dessert first. This is the fleeting image of a banana and not-tella crepe with cashew cream being consumed during an intense session of Rummikub. The ladies were victorious! How any of us had room for crepes after the feast just [...]

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I have been to heaven and back

Roasty Smokey Saffron Chowder This chowder blew my mind- the combination of roasted potato and garlic, crispy tofu, tempeh bacon, corn, celery, parsley, and a creamy saffron white wine broth was enough to propel this post from the smorgasbord into the main section. But wait there’s more… Onion Pepper Chedda Biscuits These babies took my [...]

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Mediterranean Platter

Baba Ganouj (with roasted Trillium Eggplant), Quinoa Tabouli, Cucumber Soy Yogurt, Spiced and Toasted Pita, and Freshly Sprouted Alfalfa. It’s summer, it is.

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Tofu Fingers

These breaded babies were quickly dunked into a ginger miso almond orange sauce and then [chomp].

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Splinters’s Birthday Treats

Lasagna with grilled zucchini, mushrooms, onion, tofu ricotta, and homemade marinara, and for dessert… Pineapple Right-Side-Up Cupcakes! Vegan Cupcakes are indeed taking over the world!

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Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are irresistible, and a snap to make. I slightly modified the recipie I found at Post Punk Kitchen by cutting the amount of sugar nearly in half, using only one teaspoon of vanilla, adding two teaspoons of almond extract, and adding about a 1/4 cup of coconut to the mix. The only question [...]

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